..:: FALLOUT 4 [Pip-Boy Edition] ::..


- A "real" Pip-Boy you can use with your smartphone.
- Tons of quests and places to explore.
- Coherent living world.
- Allies are pretty nice and different.
- VATS combat system.
- Improved Chara Design.
- Construction Mode in somehow fun.
- ... well. It remains a good exploration shooter.

- Storyline where you must hurry to find your son... oh wait, there is a building there, let's go.
- No more Karma. Vilains hate you, good people love you. Binary World.
- Simplified RPG and dialog systems.
- No sex, no dark humour, no slaves, a lot of the Fallout spirit melted.
- Neverending "Help People/Find Items" missions.
- Loots that lead to overload everywhere if you want to create interesting camps and craft weapons are armors.
- Inventory with lists instead of slots.
- Voices Sound Propagation in 2D.
- Construction Mode is useless, happiness system is not coherent, and "tower defense" mode is just shit.
- Bugs everywhere (AI, pathfind, textures, crashes, colonies counters...).
- 3 scripted endings regardless your skills to create opportunities and avoid them.
- ... well. Worst Fallout ever.

COMPLETION: Done in 300h

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